Five Element Acupuncture in the Wirral


“I went to see Louise as I had fractured my humerus and dislocated my shoulder in an accident. Even after intensive physio my movement was restricted and I was still in pain. However after a few sessions I noticed a marked improvement in both mobility and the reduction of pain. Now I am pain free with full mobility.
On my initial visit Louise did a comprehensive profile of my personal health. As I was recovering from the after effects of surgery she suggested acupuncture could also help me with this.
I have found the treatment excellent so much so I am almost back to pre op status. I found that talking to Louise about intimate details didn't embarrass or make me feel uncomfortable as her manner is both sympathetic and understanding, she is totally professional in her approach.”
I would highly recommend her. Many thanks Louise.
Paul, Engineer


“After spending my entire twenties partying and binge drinking to excess, the abuse I’d put my body through both physically and mentally came to a head on New year’s day 2008.
    I started having panic attacks, dizziness and a general feeling of unease and anxiety. After seeing numerous doctors who couldn’t diagnose my problem, the final doctor told me I was suffering from anxiety. She told me I could either be prescribed a cocktail of drugs to keep it under control or I could try some alternative therapies, i.e. acupuncture. There was no way I wanted to risk becoming addicted to the medication the doctor had suggested so I went home and browsed the internet to learn about acupuncture and look for a suitable practitioner. That’s when I spotted Louise’s website. After reading her own compelling story I decided to give it a go.
   I got to my first appointment not really knowing what to expect and my anxiety increased as a result of the unknown aspect of the treatment. I soon realised there was nothing to worry about! I sat down and began to discuss my symptoms and reasons for coming. Just chatting to Louise made me feel at ease as her caring nature coupled with her warm personality made it so easy to open up to her and explain how I was feeling. This was just the consultation aspect of the treatment and I already felt a lot better, but after my first full treatment I can’t put into words how much better I felt, and in such a short spell of time!! After each subsequent treatment I felt better and better, and I owe it all to Louise.
   Don’t get me wrong, I know there are other acupuncture therapists out there but I couldn’t imagine being treated by anyone else but Louise as she has obviously learnt her profession to the highest possible standard. But what you can’t be taught is her uncanny knack of making you feel relaxed and at ease, and the way she’s enabled me to open up and talk to her like a friend I have known for years and not a woman I’ve only known for a matter of months!   I hope this testimonial will help anyone who is considering acupuncture but isn’t quite sure, and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Louise for her continued help and treatment.
  Thankyou Louise, you've helped me to put my life back on track. I really don’t know what I would have done or where I’d be without your help.”    Jon, HGV Driver


“I was in considerable pain with a muscular condition and found pain-killers did not help a great deal. Some also had unpleasant side-effects. Therefore I decided to have a course of acupuncture with Louise. She treated all ailments, not just the one I came for.

After only 5 treatments, I was able to stop taking pain-killers, and was delighted to feel energetic again.

I strongly recommend anyone in pain to have acupuncture. Age is no bar as I am in my late 70’s, and am able to enjoy gardening and walking again, thanks to Louise. She is very gentle, and the treatment doesn’t hurt at all.

I am grateful to her.”

Mrs E. Butler


“I went into acupuncture not really knowing what to expect, as I had always been slightly sceptical about more alternative therapies. However, I had friends who had recently had good experiences with acupuncture for differing conditions, and then I read on the internet about a number of people who had found acupuncture very helpful for [an intimate and painful condition], which I had suffered from for a number of months. In the event I found the whole process fascinating and it certainly seemed to help my condition. Louise was extremely friendly and professional, and explained clearly the treatments that she was doing and why, and was happy to answer my endless questions about acupuncture! Initially after the first treatments I felt extremely tired for a few hours, but she had told me to expect that, and on some occasions the symptoms became worse for a day or so following treatments, but again Louise had warned that this could happen. Over the course of treatments the condition gradually improved and is now only an intermittent problem. In addition to the acupuncture treatments, Louise also gave me very helpful advice about diet, which has also helped with the condition. Overall it was a very positive experience, and I will not hesitate to go back to her if and when I feel the need.”

C.W., HR Adviser


“In 2009 I was diagnosed with a condition which affected my face causing facial spasms, my eyes kept closing all the time and I couldn’t see to watch television. Then my condition deteriorated and I couldn’t read, write or drive and I struggled to walk around the house and stopped going out on my own. In 2011 after various treatments I had micro decompression surgery. Six months after surgery there was not much improvement and surgeons thought it had developed into a nervous tic.

This is when I went to see Louise, who began to treat me. After three weeks there was already some improvement, after six weeks I could read, write and watch television, and then eight weeks later I drove, and for the first time in two and a half years I could lead a normal life again thanks to the treatment I had from Louise.

Thank you very much Louise.”

Gillian Harding, ‘Retired’ Nurse


“All pain went from the wrist and my knee felt better after each treatment. I can highly recommend her.”  

John, Farmer

 “I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for the help you gave me through a very difficult time, both mentally and physically.

Before my operation, I was at an all time low, but your ability and skill, plus the kindness and sensitivity you showed towards me was all that I needed.
Having never been to an acupuncturist before, I was naturally apprehensive, but after visiting you for treatment these feelings were soon laid to rest.
I was very sad when I learnt you were no longer in Stroud, but I wish you every success in your new practice in the Wirral, just as you were in Stroud.
Again my thanks and appreciation for your professional and considerate treatment.”

Maureen C, Retired

“My acupuncture sessions with Louise have been invaluable in helping me cope, and deal with mental and physical problems, due to stress, and bullying in my work place over a long period of time. I am extremely grateful to her.
Thank you for all your understanding and friendship. I am looking forward to a happy and positive future.”

“I looked through Yellow Pages and booked my appointment. I was really apprehensive and not sure what to expect but on my first visit Louise put me at ease straight away. She is very easy to get along with and talk to.

On my first visit a medical history was taken and I was asked what I hoped acupuncture would do for me. I had a short acupuncture session which didn’t hurt at all and I felt very relaxed. I continued with weekly sessions and my leg pain became significantly better. I also felt better in myself with more energy.

My sciatica is a lot better now but I am continuing with monthly sessions as it has not only helped me with my leg but also with my general wellbeing.

I would recommend going to Louise to anyone. She is very professional, friendly and reassuring, and some of the advice she has given me has been very rewarding and has helped me a great deal, not just physically but mentally as well.”

Annette, Health Care Assistant


 “I found it relaxing and it made me feel more energetic and less tired. It generally improved the quality of my life. Louise is a very caring person and gives her patients confidence in the treatment.”

Anna, Farmer
“When I first met Louise I was suffering, with nowhere to go and it had reached a crisis point. In order for the condition to be treated Louise told me she would need to treat all of me. Mind, body and if you like, my soul. (Conscious and the unconscious).
Once under control my perspective had changed, my lifestyle had changed, and it was all for the better. I was calmer, controlled, and a more positive person. Without the treatment I received from Louise, I firmly believe that my son Oliver would not be here today. During the latter part of my treatment, I found out I was pregnant. My relationship struggled and my circumstances changed. I found the determination and strength inside me and with Louise’s help with balance and the never ending sickness. I managed to bring Oliver into this world at 9 lb 5 oz. So I have a lot to thank her for.”

Natalie, Occupational Therapist


“It’s hard to articulate how I felt when I first went to Louise for acupuncture sessions. Diary entries from that time state how I couldn’t feel the ground beneath my feet, sounds were muffled and far away, rooms moved, I floated, couldn’t focus, couldn’t concentrate, I tried to move or speak, only to find I couldn’t. I felt I was cracking, balancing on a knife edge, fighting to hold on, because I was terrified of what would happen if I let go. The medical profession had before and would again throw around terms. I didn’t want a label, just as I didn’t want the drugs I was so readily prescribed. I didn’t want to just negate my symptoms, I wanted to sort out why I had them.
Louise was warm, kind, non-judgemental, trustworthy, compassionate and professional. I liked the balance between consultation and physical treatment – I could verbally divulge as much as I felt comfortable and able to assured in the knowledge that my body would tell Louise what else she needed to know. I will always remember the day and the session when everything in me ‘shifted’. As the needles went into points in my back I finally let go of everything that was holding me where I was, in turn enabling myself to at last move forward.
Regular acupuncture sessions relatively quickly gave me hours, then days, then whole weeks during which I felt grounded and whole. Five years on and my life couldn’t be more different from those desperate and despairing days. For me, Louise’s acupuncture sessions set the wheels of change in motion making life with all it’s ups and downs something to live and relish rather than something to battle and struggle with.”
Frances, London


Dear Louise
“I visited your practice in much pain and discomfort and after only a few sessions of acupuncture the pain relief in my back now allows me to lead a normal life again.
Many thanks.”
Geoff, Business Owner

“I have been coming to Louise for nearly twelve months and she has not only helped with the back which is hardly noticeable now but also with my general wellbeing.

I would highly recommend Acupuncture to you but especially Louise.”

Carol, Childminder


“Louise is so good at taking and easing back pain and Louise makes you relax with her acupuncture. It takes all the stress and strains away.”

Richard, Vegetable Farmer


“The benefits have been quite significant. Louise is a competent and confident practitioner with exemplary people skills. A true professional in every aspect. I actually look forward to my treatment because there have been numerous positive spin off effects as a result of the acupuncture sessions.
The benefits can be seen in specific physical improvement and emotional well being. Louise makes you feel most comfortable and empathises with her clients in a very sensitive manner in order to meet their individual needs. I always leave her practice feeling much improved, centred and energised.” 
Alma, Educational Facilitator


“Louise has a very gentle nature, she listens attentively to your problem speaks softly and has healing hands. Louise is a master healer.”

Martin, Voluntary Worker


““Don’t be a camel, drink more water.” I originally sought out acupuncture as a possible solution to stress related tinnitus.  Whilst taking a detailed case history Louise established that I was not drinking enough water.  Actually I was only drinking a fraction of the amount of water I should have been drinking.  Louise advised me how much water I should drink based upon my existing weight.  After a few weeks of drinking the recommended daily amount of water I noticed that I had started to lose weight.  All told I lost almost 7kgs in weight as an aside to my acupuncture treatment programme. 

I believe my body had been retaining water because I was drinking so little, once I started to drink more water I felt more energetic and I noticed that I had lost weight without even trying.”

Andrew, IT Guru