Five Element Acupuncture and Natural Therapies

Dowsing for Health and Stress Release

Dowsing helps to highlight any current food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies as well as looking at a your general health. In addition, Louise will address any on-going issues through stress/emotion release. 

The theory of stress release is that negative emotions can become stuck on a subconscious level and be holding that person back from moving forwards in life. The process of releasing emotions/stress is quite simple and you won't need to explain or re-experience anything from the past in order to let go of it.

Louise will usually finish by giving you an affirmation or two to help overcome any self-sabotaging beliefs and to reinforce a more positive and productive mindset. The experience has often been subtly pivotal in the lives of people who have come to Louise for dowsing.

There doesn’t have to be a specific problem in order to come for dowsing but it is good to have a clear and positive focus when attending a session.

Each session is usually around an hour long, and is generally a one-off session, but you can return at any time for follow-up sessions as personal circumstances and needs can change, and there is always something we can change or let go of in order to carry on moving forward in our lives and move towards being the best version of ourselves.

During this session, the client stays fully clothed and seated.